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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 20, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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efforts. good morning thank you for joining us on monday december 20th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thank you very much pam and dave. we have a little bit of a break in a slightly different pattern. the main cloud bend has moved south but now we get the colder and unstable air. there has been heavy rain. now it's up napa county. parts of mendocino. south of th it's not as bad. look for a possibility of brief heavy showers or thundershowers. here is sal. steve right now traffic is moving a long pretty well if you are driving on 24 westbound getting up to the caldecott tunnel with no major delays. we are also looking at 880 north and southbound that looks pretty good. a desperate search will
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resume in -- 62-year-old phillis bin was driving and following her friends back to her hotel late saturday night when she game separated from her cars. miss bin has not been seen since. as steve paulson mentioned the bay area is bracing for another storm yi week leading to a wet christmas day. showers are expected today a long with the possibility of more lightning. if you missed it mother nature put on quite a show during last nights storm. our ktvu cameras captured this dramatic scene as lightning flashed over the bay bridge. there was plenty of rain with that light anyone. the downpour created flooding at one mobile park. a water pump failed there just as the heavy rain began to fell. we just checked with pg&e for you it's still trying to get the power on for a few
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hundred bay area homes and businesses. in the south bay 106 customers have no power. 90 on the peninsula. 80 in the east bay. 60 in the north bay. pg&e is hoping to have power restored in the next couple of hours. the u.s. postal service for dig of the year. today is that d-day day to send the cards and gifts by regular mail. if you do not make it to the postal service today you can send priority mail on tuesday or express mail on wednesday and still make it in time for christmas. it is also supposed to be a very busy day for holiday travelers. you should call your airline ahead of time if you are heading to the airport. we have jade hernandez out at sfo to see how crowded it is. it looks pretty crowded behind you. >> absolutely. everyone wants to get home to
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family and friends. the best way to show you that is the lines here at sfo. check your flight and plan ahead. if you don't you could face unexpected delays. we spent some time at sfo yesterday. several reunions were planned but each found delays due to weather. more than an inch of rain soaked the bay area last night returning travelers this week muchlike last night shared very similar stories. >> he was supposed to take a bus and five flights and all of those were perfectly fine. the bus and four flights. only the last flight that was a problem. >> how big a problem? >> almost three hours i think. >> reporter: pg&e reported power out annals in the san -- outages in the santa cruz areas. off and on showers are expected to hit the bay area late
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tonight and tomorrow. i want to bringup back out here to sfo. this is the american airlines terminal. we just checked in with a spokesperson and right now there is no delays. there is lots of travelers in lines right foul. you never know once the planes start going throughout the day they will check to see if there is any delays at any point because travelers like these always have to make sure they can get to their connections. we'll monitor the situation from sfo and we'll have more coming up. reporting live jade hernandez. time now 5:04 bart says service should be back to normal. there was major delays in the transbay 2. a train operator spotted some smoke inside the tube. crews say there was a minimal material build up.
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>> they believe perhaps that mineral buildup somehow coated a spark that created a fire and caused a lot of smoke. >> bart services was stopped in both directions for about an hour. bart did reopen one side of the tube. 5:04 is the time right now. let's check in with sal. sal. >> all right pam and dave. good morning to you. traffic is doing well around the bay area. so far any way. westbound 80 traffic moves so well. eastbound 580 somewhat nearby a few miles from here there is white suv blocking the off ramp and they are sending the police to help that person get them off the freeway. let's move a long to the bay bridge toll plaza that traffic is light so far. and this week may be the week we start seeing people especially as we get close tort end of the week we could see
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lighter commutes. and this mornings commute an 280 looks good. at 505 here is steve. >> sal, stretch for me a little bit. we have a pretty good picture from the sierra coming up that has snow all over the place. all right, all right. we're between stuff here. we may have to throw it back here. i have computer issues. i'm going to throw it back. i don't have the computer. you guys go back. >> it will be wet we know that much and we got quite a bit of rain. >> everybody wondering about the end of the week. we'll check back in with steve in a little bit. wikileaks has released new classified documents. the chilling revelation concerning the security of nuclear materials. also north korea backed off its threat. why the north did not retaliate after the latest artillery drills by the south. good morning northbound 101 san francisco looking pretty good getting back to the
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downtown area. another update on the morning commute and bay weather straight ahead. the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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good morning. some showers are moving through the north bay right now. especially into napa county. south of that not too bad. cloudy skies a little cooler and possibility of thunderstorms today as the main rain band moves south.
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the north korea will not retaliate after south korean artillery drills. hundreds were sent into under ground bunkers because of the drill of the north's threat to strike back. after the 90 minute drill ended they held their fire because the south changed their firing zones. tensions between the two countries have sored since the north filled the south. two marines and civilians were killed then. british police just arrested 12 men in a major counterterrorism operation. arrests were made in three cities. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with the very latest on the suspects. >> reporter: police say this counterterrorism operation is in the early stages. more arrests could be coming so they are staying quiet about the detail. here's what we do know. 12 suspects are in custody.
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they are men between the ages of 17 and 28. britain's sky news reports they were suspected of planning a bombing campaign in the run up for christmas. last year al qaeda made a christmas bomb attempt. as we have been reporting the u.s. state department still has a travel alert in effect for americans traveling to europe. a warning of possible cayman doe style attacks. reporting live alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. wikileaks released another top secret cable. it reveals a horrifying yemen scare. after housing unit was unsecure up to a week. the state department cable says
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quote very little now stands between the bad guys and yemen nuclear material. this week president obama is expected to sign a bill into law clearing the way for gay's to openingly serve in the military. on saturday the senate voted to appeal the 17-year-old don't ask don't tell policy. the house passed the measure last week but once signed the new law will not immediately go into effect. the pentagon must first certify to congress that the change will not damage combat readiness. >> we want to make sure we are given an appropriate time in order for us to implement it. >> the full repeal won't take effect until 60 days after they certify the military is ready for the change. that's a process that may take several months. major food safety bill is on its way to the house for approval. the house passed the bill in an unexpected vote. it will give the government broad new powers to inspect
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food processing facilities and force companies to issue recalls. the bill was approved three weeks ago but floated in limbo because of a clerical error. incoming house majority leader has boosted his congressional offices payroll by 80%. michelle bachman has seen her payroll jump 16%. and tim coburn has jumped an average of 8% each year. some lawmakers say they are simply going a long with budget analysis they set each year. government spending is authorized through tomorrow but in agreement to keep it going longer has to be reached to avoid a shutdown.
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nicole collins is standing by in washington right now with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. that resolution you are talking about is on top of the list of the main priorities the senate needs to get to. this flood of action on capitol hill started when the combat tax was signed by the president. over the weekend, the senate passed a repeal of don't ask don't tell which will allow gays and lesbians to serve openingly in the military. president obama scheduled to sign that sometime today. this senate did not pass the dream act which would have created a pass to citizenship for some illegal immigrants but then the senate hit another snag. this time on the orals reduction. his party needs more time to with russia.
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democrats anded m say -- administration they say they have given it time. >> rushing it before christmas strikes me as trying to jam us. i think if they have taken more time. i know members of the foreign relations committee spent a lot of time on this but we haven't. all of a sudden we are once again trying to rush things right before christmas eve. i think that was not the best way to go. >> there have been 18 hearings. 1,000 questions we've answered but another is they just simply are against any arms control agreement. >> reporter: sot fight continues today -- so the fight continues today over the start treaty. they hope the senate will get to a compromise. reporting live in washington i'm nicole collins. pam. >> thank you, nicole. the 2010 census report is coming out tomorrow. the results may have big implications on the macup on
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congress and the 2012 election. meanwhile new york and ohio two important states won by president obama is each projected to lose seats. it's anticipated california will keep its seats. san francisco is one of the most dangerous cities in the state if you are walking. the chronical reports more than 800 people are hit by cars in san francisco every year. december is one of the most dangerous months for pedestrian accidents because of increased alcohol use and of course more people are out on the streets due to the holidays. speaking of the streets let's check in with sal. sal. >> nice segue thank you very much. good morning everybody. good morning to dave and pam as well. let's look at what we have. highway 4 westbound no major problems. we're hoping that we will have a lighter than usual week.
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i think a lot of people certainly have to do things but people will knock off work a little early. there goes bart. bart is on time. 24 westbound lafayette it looks good. and this is a look at san rafael 101 at 580 we're looking pretty good here. it's 5:16 let's go to steve. >> thank you. and changes today in the fermata the -- in the form the big ban was over us all weekend long. then it brings in very cold unstable air and in turns we get thunderstorms. some of those popped up last night. and another band moving through the north bay. a lot quieter for everyone else. most locations say cloudy right now. there will be thunderstorms today. shower activity. more showery in nature than rain. 40s and 50s on the temps on the highs today. upper 40s very low 50s. you can see everything moving south a little bit. there is a fine line.
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it's about peninsula southbound and then point south and the heavier rain will move in central and southern california. we might get a moment of sunshine here but it won't last long. as the system digs down it will move it south, south, south. this will give us a very cold pattern. 40s and 50s on the temps right now. you can see the moisture source which streamed in here but the low that is digging down then brings in the cold air. our highs today one of the warmest of the next couple of days. lake tahoe snow. light snow right now. but until 4:00 p.m. today winter storm warning is out. another about half foot to foot to two feet of snow around 4,000 feet. 4500 feet for the snow level. today for us cloudy with showers or off and on rain but a possibility of thundershowers. upper 40s to low 50s.
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farther north upper 40s and low 50s. the five-day not a break yet. a little bit of a break. we might see that would be on thursday. as we head into the end of the week and the holiday weekend more rain. an early trading on the european markets. stocks are up but it's setting a different tone. tensions between north and south korea sent it down 1.5%. other markets in the region lost ground. japan nikkei fell nearly 1% with stocks down in china and hong kong and singapore. the markets are closed on friday for christmas eve. here is the start pretty quiet on friday. the dow jones starts at 11,491. shoppers pack the mall before the weekend.
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they call this the first normal holiday shopping season in three years. sales of clothing rose 9.8%. jewelry and furniture sales also up more than 2% and about half the people surveyed say they are only half done with their shop for the season. >> that would include me. this christmas you may find weird things under your christmas tree like bedbugs, salmonella and the common cold. take a look these are toys. look at this. they are called giant microbes. some of the popular ones include. rabies, yogurt and e. coli. the toys depict each microbe at a million times its natural size or larger and they come with an information about the origin of the germ and how to avoid the illnesses they
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spread. very different. >> okay. have you finished your holiday shopping? i know you have said you have not. as the holiday rush is on what small businesses are doing to try to woo you away from the big stores. how a crash still effects one child care business. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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wi i-cl av csts. e earsin
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e earsst cl.
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good morning. we have cloudy skies with rain showers moving through and some of these are brief and heavy. especially toward the north bay. cooler unstable air comes in. instead of steady rain we will get off and on showers. >> snow is still falling in the sierra. that will continue at least until this afternoon. take a live that is truck key -- truckee. drivers heading to the area they will need chains. they are required on 80 as well as highways 50, 88, and 89. you can see it was pretty cloudy there and stormy but the
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resorts expect their best high school say deny this year. a once busy east palo alto day care center remains closed ten months after a deadly plane crash. no one on the ground was hurt but the crash did cause major damage to several buildings including the day care center. the owner says she is still having trouble collecting the insurance money she needs to reopen. 5:25. small businesses all over the country are taking steps to lure customers back to their stores. american express sponsored small business saturday two days after thanksgiving. now individual stores are showing customers they can get more for their money while thinking of small businesses. >> they can't get the one on one personalized customer service. they will not be serving their customers breakfast on friday
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morning. >> creative events as well as personal service are drawing old customers back and new customers in. some san francisco boutiques are sending out e-mails and posting on facebook every time they get in new merchandise. san bruno pipeline victims face another possible obstacle on the road to recovery. this one involves the internal revenue service. wintery weather may have travelers concerned. but we'll have the latest scoop. it hasn't happened in nearly 500 years. what makes the total lunar eclipse tonight so rare.
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well good morning to you. welcome back. i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. time now is 5:30. let's check in with steve paulson. how much rain will we get? >> it will be scattered. we have the main band moving south. a possibility of more thunderstorms again today. right now they are lighting up toward napa right there just went by calistoga head into the sacramento valley from fairfield vacaville. a few breaks today in anticipation of the next
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system. highs today 30s to 40s. it's nice that this morning commute so far is dry for the most part as you head to work it will be easier for you. this is a look at the westbound bay bridge approach it's unclear. today will be a typical long day for you. traffic is moving a long okay come get into the city. it's coming up on 5:30 let's go back to the desk. >> the storm is causing concern among bay area homeowners that have large trees on or near their property. we came across a couple down trees including this one in hillsborough that fell across the road, cut the power and slammed through the house. arbor trees like this could be prevented. >> there is some things that can happen that you can't see but most of those if you look you will find something.
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>> now gardener also says sometimes thinning your trees branches swind can past through will keep it standing. it's also important to have your trees kept professional especially near a structure to make sure they are healthy. you can track the storm on your own using the tools on our website just use website bad weather is causing some changes in a lot of travel plans. jade hernandez is joining us live she is at sfo right now. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning, dave. the good news at the bottom of this hour there is no local delays. we're live at sfo. you can see traveler in line right there. there are cancellations due to snow in england. british airways have canceled flights to london. united airlines will try to get travelers across the pond. we don't know if there there be
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any further delays. we did spend some time at sfo yesterday and several reunions were planned but each found delays due to weather. more than an inch of rain soaked the bay area last night. pg&e reported power outages in the santa cruz mountains and south bay. ski resorts reported 8 inches of snow. tell me this morning you were telling us there were no delays at this point. >> right now there is no delays. we don't have any traffic to cause delays. as we go throughout the day we may get delays. right now we have enough flights to go out to meet our arrival rates so we don't have any problems. we will have to watch for weather as it comes throughout the day. >> i think everyone is monitoring weather. we saw a lot of travelers. the line wrapped around the
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doors. any guidelines things that travelers should follow? >> the best thing they can do before they leave the house is check with their current carrier. regardless of where they are going. that plane may have started in philadelphia and new york and come on to here. so that may get delayed some place else. and when you come here get 90 minutes early. two hours international. there will be a lot of people today. over 125,000 people a day. same the rest of the day. we will be crowded but just get here on time you shouldn't have any problems at all. >> of course you have to bring patience. we are hearing there may be a delay out of newark, new jersey. time now 5:33. we have breaking news right now. look at the live pictures. newark, new jersey. this is newark liberty international airport terminal a in new jersey has been
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closed. police right now are investigating a suspicious package that has been found. now officials are saying they are closing that terminal as a precaution. according to american airlines, that package was found behind the ticket counter at a security check point where bags are being screened. this one here is where american airlines flights are based at newark. again they have closed terminal a at this airport. a suspicious package has been found. as you look around you can see there is a lot of emergency vehicles on the scene but we haven't heard any additional details. we will keep an eye on this and keep you posted. back here at home two men are dead. three others were hurt after a violent week in oakland. three separate shootings have happened during a five hour period between saturday night and yesterday morning. the latest shooting happened around 3:30 yesterday morning on east 26th street. police found a 20-year-old man
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shot dead inside of a car. 45 minutes earlier two men were shot on international boulevard. one of them is on life support. three hours before that around 11:00 saturday night two people were shot on east 17th street. one of them pronounced dead at the scene. police say those shootings are not related. the irs has its eye on san bruno. it's considering requiring the victims to pay federal income taxes on the money they received from pg&e to help them receive. however peninsula congresswoman jack key spears vows a fight. now the tax issue came up yesterday during the latest town meeting on the pipeline disaster. congresswoman spear was there along with representatives from the irs, pg&e and national transportation board. everyone says they are determined to find out what went wrong.
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>> we continue to patrol line 132 the line that ruptured on an ongoing basis. and that will continue until we have found something. no dents, or prior leak was found. >> federal investigators say they may soon subpoena witnesses to testify on capitol hill. the ntsb has held 12 public hearings in the past year. including one in the costco bah san cities is -- disaster. this one started early yesterday morning. took firefighters about 15 minutes to control the flames. the body of 64-year-old kareem prince was found in her bedroom. she probably died from smoke
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in-- inhalation. a 2.4 quake in los altos hit around 7:30 yesterday morning. u.s. geological survey said it received thousand calls from people that felt the larger quake. at this point there is no word for damage. a man that killed -- was upset about child support. gary scott holland called his mother and ex-wife in the hours before the killing on october 29th to complain about paying child support for his two kids. hours later police say holland posed as a utility worker to gain entrance to kate's apartment. she was found dead the next morning. holland has pleaded not guilty. the district attorney's office is reviewing the case to decide
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whether to seek the death penalty. now is despite the recent rain and wind that we had. cal tran provided us with some time lapse photography of the construction work. take a look. crews are hoisting a giant steel pieces that will make up the legs of the 525-foot tower. cal tran still hopes to install all four by christmas day this saturday. 5:37. a free shuttle is catching on with riders in downtown oakland and some want it to be expanded. the broadway shuttle is to boost business to local businesses. ridership has exceeded their expectations. 1900 people taking that shutten every day. the shuttle operates weekdays between 7:00 in the morning to 7:00 at night. the city is looking for grant money to expand the hours. 5:38 is the time right now. how does it look? >> it looks pretty good.
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so far most of the traffic gets heavier there. so far it looks pretty good if you are driving 80 to the westbound. track traffic looks pretty good. westbound 580 looking prettiness. at the toll plaza it looks pretty nice. a lot of people coming into the city right now traffic is moving well. if you are leaving the east bay and getting off to the peninsula westbound 92 looks good. at 5:39 let's go to steve. >> thank you very much. a little different pattern today compared to what we had on the weekend. the solid band of cloud cover is being pushed more toward santa clara valley. the cold unstable air is what is swinging in which triggered the thundershower activity. storm tracker two shows there will be bands moving through. the good news is we won't have continuous rain but we could get brief heavy rain. some of the rain totals coming
5:40 am
in over the weekend the past three days take your pick. oakland almost 3. kentfield four. temperatures in the 40s and 50s and they will probably stay there most of the day. the rainfall and the snow has been going between rain snow rain snow rain line. around lake level goes up and down. it should start to go down as the cold air filters in. you can see there is a definite dividing line between the cloud cover and the unstable air. this low spins and another one is dropping in behind it to kick it out. that will be right there. that will keep the pattern going. probably all the way through maybe the end of the year. now it will be more showery in nature. today more showery in nature. winter storm warning continues until 4:00 today. the snow level again should go down. it has been up and down all
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over the place so some of it has been rain and some has been snow. higher elevations it has been snow. today showers. possible thundershowers. 40s and 50s and with some of the thundershowers you can get windy conditions and brief hail. cloudy showers today. very cool air mask settling in tuesday. it looks like a break thursday believe it or not. a mostly dry day and fred the next system moves in. >> okay. 5:41 a rare, rare treat in the skies tonight. the longest total eclipse in this century. the earth will completely cover up the moon at 11:41 tonight. the last of the partial eclipse finishes at 2:01 tomorrow morning. this is the first time in almost 500 years that a lunar eclipse will coincide with a winter solstice. the science center in oakland as well as the lawrence hall will be hosting viewing events
5:42 am
for that spectacular treat. >> i think i might have to stay up for that. >> may have to. >> this past year has had a number of natural disasters but how it checks up historically? many communities welcome the idea of a new park but the reason why one in san francisco is getting a negative reaction. if you are driving on the approach at the 580 so far it looks pretty good. we will tell you more about this mornings commute straight ahead. e ilrioct e io
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good morning. we do have more showers moving through. there will be more rain today. it's cooler. especially toward the north
5:45 am
bay. look far little bit of a break. possibility of thundershowers. >> already. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following. the bay area bracing for a very wet christmas week. floodings already reported in some areas including a mobile home park. today there will be showers with a possibility of more thunderstorms. the u.s. postal service is bracing for its busiest mailing day of the year. today is that d-day for sending holiday cards and packages by regular mail. and british police just arrested 12 men suspected in a u.k. terrorism plot. they are questioning the suspects. 2010 has been the worst year for natural disasters in more than a generation. a u.s. government report shows there was an unusually high
5:46 am
number of earthquakes, floods, volcanos around the world. 250,000 people died this year. that is more than in the past 40 years. hundreds of thousands of people have been stranded since saturday. camping overnight in the terminal. the snow is supposed to let up today but the airport says they expect further cancellations in the coming days as things get back to normal. at least 28 people were killed in massive oil pipeline explosion. the blast scorched homes and cars as oil gushed down the street. they believe it was because of thieves trying to steal oil.
5:47 am
time now 5:46 the san rafael city council is expected to vote today to build a target super store. the group called keep it local is collecting signatures if the city council approves the plan. it would lead to the closing of small businesses in the area and they claim it would also disrupt the local economy. in san francisco the latest request to add another parklet isn't sitting well with some of the neighbors. like this park is converted by -- is made by converting parking spaces into new parks. and bart says it is addressing concerns about the new antioch bart station after
5:48 am
city officials reportedly blasted its new plan. the plans for the hill crest station does not include restrooms, escalators, or plans for a service station. bart says it will look for solutions for its concerns and report back to the city officials early next year. for a check on bart and other traffic issues let's check in with sal. >> all right pam and dave good morning to you. traffic is looking good if you are driving around the bay area. it is early. today on highway 24 westbound it looks good. i guess early is a realtive termup term. and there are no major problems at the toll plaza. it is light. it will be interesting to see if today is a full strength today. today maybe and even tomorrow. but by wednesday, thursday certainly by friday we're going to start seeing people who are not going to go. this friday is christmas eve so you know that's the way it will be. and next week should be light as well.
5:49 am
northbound 101 coming up on the 80 split. that traffic looks good. past the beetle sign into downtown san francisco. and this morning's commute that's it for this report. let's go to steve. >> all right, sal, thank you. very active pattern started end of last week. went into the weekend. today is no exception. it will continue to go if the forecast models is right. now there will be a little bit of a different twist but today is more cloudy, cool, showers possibility of more thundershowers. another system drops in for more rain on wednesday it looks like and it looks like on saturday christmas another system for more rain and maybe beyond that. there are some subtle differences. the low that was responsible for sending in everything our way is digging south and as it digs south it sends the main tropical band it's not a pineapple. it is not a pineapple connection. let's get that out of the way. it's not. don't listen to that. yes it's lower latitude moisture but the line is moving
5:50 am
south. as that does, the heavier steady rain will go to central california and southern california where they are having issues. where we look at will be the colder stable air. they are right toward the north bay. the north bay is taking more of the bulk of the colder stable air. some of these are three-day totals. some are 24. they would be one of the focus areas that would take the most rain. blossom hill our observer tom over the weekend 2.5. parts of the peninsula really needed to catch up on the rain. they are almost to 100%. oakland an inch almost an 1.5. same for santa rosa. it's colder out there. you can see the band as that pushes south. it's mainly around san jose south as that moves forward the
5:51 am
monterey peninsula. but that low spinning in a lot of cloud cover. that one will kick it out of here. one system that was responsible for our weekend is moving out. the next one comes in. it kicks it along. see the moisture that is sliding south. that's what gave us more of the steady rain on the weekend. that goes south but then the colder air comes in. the snow level goes down toward the north and toward tahoe. that means we have a winter storm warning out. snow levels should get down to 4500 feet and stay there for a couple of days. today for us showers possible thundershowers. cooler. 40s and 50s on the highs. mostly cloudy with showers. and again some of the thunderstorms get brief hail. very chilly tuesday. next rain comes in wednesday. i do see a little bit of a break thursday in advance of the next system. >> oh boy. thank you, steve. this week yahoo is expected to announce how much the layoffs of 600 people will
5:52 am
cost. the company announced the job cuts last week. severance packages and other related costs could top $37 million. but as much as $6 million could be offset by credit for stock options for workers that are being laid off. many popular christmas presents are at their all-time cheapest levels. the actual price tag is higher but when adjusted for inflation tvs are now 93% cheaper than they were in 1980. toys cost 55% less than they dead in 1980. and the cost of small appliances. the 3d sequel to tron jumped to the top of the box office. th original science fiction film was known for its then cutting edge computer graphics but it wasn't a big hit. they were surprised by the strong fan base that packed theaters for the debut. yogi bear came in the distant
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second. all right. time now 5:52. we know the retail security cameras watch us as we shop. they are not just looking for shoplifters. the surprising information the surveillance is collecting about you. and light shed on the stanford medical. calling the conduct unacceptable.
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breaking news right now. we are following this from new jersey. a couple moments ago authorities gave the thumbs up here at newark national airport. we talked about this a few moments ago. security people closed down a very busy terminal. terminal a after they found a suspicious package this morning. the fbi has determined that device that set off the alarm appeared to be a computer monitor. that monitor was giving off small amounts of radiation which is normal for a computer. once again this is terminal a at newark airport. newark national airport. authorities have been given the all clear. and all is well that ends well. >> that is good. busy travel time. an investigation found more than a dozen stanford doctors have violated a school policy
5:57 am
by accepting money from dug companies. last year stanford banned petitions to giving paid talks. an investigation finds that several of the schools doctors violated that rule last year. two of them making in the six figures. the dean has sent out a memo to medical school staff calling the practice unacceptable. a deadline has come and gone in a push to redevelop the old army base. the port has been negotiating with a & b property corp which developed pier one in san francisco. the port has been unable to negotiate a contract with them for the site and since the exclusive negotiating period ended last month it's opening now for a new developer. the cameras are not just looking for shop litter --
5:58 am
shoplifters they are also watching you. showing the area getting the most traffic within a store. that information may cause stores to move around their displays or change how merchandise is presented. >> i want to say all right. let me bring it a little farther out. >> in addition to the cameras some of the stores also attach radio frequently tags. they claim they are not followed once an item leaves the store. >> very interesting. desperately searching around the russia river this morning. also the christmas get away surround way. things are not going as planned for a lot of holiday travelers. good morning we have showers moving through. we'll update that coming up in two minutes. chhola errey nu
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